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Goalserve golf data feed coverage include all major series in USA and worldwide. Our golf data feed can be used in different types of applications like livescore, fantasy applications, betting and more. Feed coverage include live score data, live fantasy stats data, bookmaker pregame and in-play odds.

  • PGA
  • Masters
  • LPGA
  • European Tour
  • Asian Tour
  • Japan PGA
  • Champions Tour
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In its most basic form, the goal of GoalServe's golf API data service is simple: to ensure accurate and current information about all aspects of the game. This covers a wide range of offerings, including real-time scores and statistics, as well as historical player performance data. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and advanced algorithms, GolServe has developed a suite of tools that allow users to gain valuable insights into every facet of the sport they adore. 

1 Month Subscription Plan

The Golf package, available for $200 per month, provides access to a range of data feeds pertaining to live PGA events and player statistics, effectively serving as a cost-effective solution for individuals seeking comprehensive golf API data services. With this subscription plan, users can enjoy numerous benefits, such as real-time data updates on the leaderboard, player profiles, rankings, schedules, and past season statistics. The pricing is very reasonable considering the vast array of features that are included in the package.

6 Months Subscription Plan

With the affordability of a 6-month subscription, users gain access to a wealth of golf-related insights akin to unlocking a treasure trove. This subscription plan is priced at $1000, offering significant savings compared to the monthly plan. Users can enjoy all the features and data provided in the 1-month subscription plan, including live scoring updates, player statistics, and tournament schedules.

12 Months Subscription Plan

When customers choose the 12-month subscription plan for Goalserve's Golf API Data Feeds, they receive access to an extensive range of features and insights concerning golf, and with this package, you can expect the same level of coverage as other options and benefit from added cost savings. It is frequently chosen by individuals in need of long-term access to these services, and when comparing it to other subscription plans available in the market, Goalserve's 12-month Golf package stands out with its competitive price of $1500 annually.

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    Goalserve offer 24/7 customer support assistance and guarantee 99% uptime. Our priority is provide best service on the market to our clients.

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    With more than 200 active sport data feed subscribers worldwide Goalserve offer a wide range of sport data services, including data delivery to any information architecture and platform.

  • 15 years on market

    Founded in 2005 Goalserve offer a unique value proposition in sports data marketplace, and we remain leaders amongst our peers with the services and capabilities that we provide.

  • 20+ sports

    With 3 independent data centres Goalserve deliver data for more than 20 sports in XML and JSON formats for your website.