<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<team name="Pittsburgh Pirates" id="1020">
	<position name="Pitchers">
		<player number="" name="Chris Archer" position="SP" bats="R" throws="R" age="30" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="195 lbs" id="31003" />
		<player number="" name="Jake Barrett" position="RP" bats="R" throws="R" age="27" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="240 lbs" id="33120" />
		<player number="" name="Steven Brault" position="RP" bats="L" throws="L" age="26" height="6' 0&quot;" weight="200 lbs" id="33870" />
		<player number="" name="JT Brubaker" position="SP" bats="-" throws="-" age="25" height="6' 3&quot;" weight="185 lbs" id="41460" />
		<player number="" name="Nick Burdi" position="RP" bats="R" throws="R" age="26" height="6' 5&quot;" weight="220 lbs" id="33728" />
		<player number="" name="Kyle Crick" position="RP" bats="L" throws="R" age="26" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="220 lbs" id="32171" />
		<player number="" name="Rookie Davis" position="SP" bats="R" throws="R" age="25" height="6' 5&quot;" weight="245 lbs" id="34859" />
		<player number="" name="Montana DuRapau" position="RP" bats="R" throws="R" age="-" height="5' 11&quot;" weight="170 lbs" id="35688" />
		<player number="" name="Matt Eckelman" position="RP" bats="R" throws="R" age="25" height="6' 4&quot;" weight="240 lbs" id="41476" />
		<player number="" name="Elvis Escobar" position="RP" bats="L" throws="L" age="24" height="5' 10&quot;" weight="180 lbs" id="34049" />
		<player number="" name="Luis Escobar" position="SP" bats="R" throws="R" age="22" height="6' 1&quot;" weight="155 lbs" id="39820" />
		<player number="" name="Michael Feliz" position="RP" bats="R" throws="R" age="25" height="6' 4&quot;" weight="230 lbs" id="33235" />
		<player number="" name="Yeudy Garcia" position="RP" bats="R" throws="R" age="26" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="220 lbs" id="39885" />
		<player number="" name="Angel German" position="RP" bats="R" throws="R" age="22" height="6' 4&quot;" weight="185 lbs" id="39713" />
		<player number="" name="Roberto Gomez" position="RP" bats="B" throws="R" age="29" height="6' 6&quot;" weight="180 lbs" id="36144" />
		<player number="" name="Geoff Hartlieb" position="RP" bats="R" throws="R" age="25" height="6' 6&quot;" weight="210 lbs" id="40865" />
		<player number="" name="Clay Holmes" position="RP" bats="R" throws="R" age="25" height="6' 5&quot;" weight="230 lbs" id="32827" />
		<player number="" name="Jordan Jess" position="RP" bats="L" throws="L" age="26" height="6' 3&quot;" weight="240 lbs" id="40731" />
		<player number="" name="Keone Kela" position="RP" bats="R" throws="R" age="25" height="6' 1&quot;" weight="215 lbs" id="33497" />
		<player number="" name="Mitch Keller" position="SP" bats="R" throws="R" age="22" height="6' 3&quot;" weight="195 lbs" id="33722" />
		<player number="" name="Sean Michael Keselica" position="RP" bats="L" throws="L" age="25" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="210 lbs" id="39076" />
		<player number="" name="Nick Kingham" position="SP" bats="R" throws="R" age="27" height="6' 6&quot;" weight="225 lbs" id="31874" />
		<player number="" name="Jesus Liranzo" position="SP" bats="R" throws="R" age="23" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="175 lbs" id="36054" />
		<player number="" name="Francisco Liriano" position="SP" bats="L" throws="L" age="35" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="225 lbs" id="6211" />
		<player number="" name="Jordan Lyles" position="RP" bats="R" throws="R" age="28" height="6' 4&quot;" weight="230 lbs" id="31061" />
		<player number="" name="Tyler Lyons" position="RP" bats="L" throws="L" age="31" height="6' 4&quot;" weight="210 lbs" id="32641" />
		<player number="" name="Brandon Maurer" position="RP" bats="R" throws="R" age="28" height="6' 5&quot;" weight="230 lbs" id="32595" />
		<player number="" name="Joe Musgrove" position="SP" bats="R" throws="R" age="26" height="6' 5&quot;" weight="260 lbs" id="34848" />
		<player number="" name="Dovydas Neverauskas" position="RP" bats="R" throws="R" age="26" height="6' 3&quot;" weight="225 lbs" id="35804" />
		<player number="" name="Richard Rodriguez" position="RP" bats="R" throws="R" age="29" height="6' 4&quot;" weight="205 lbs" id="35243" />
		<player number="" name="Edgar Santana" position="RP" bats="R" throws="R" age="27" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="195 lbs" id="36197" />
		<player number="" name="Tate Scioneaux" position="RP" bats="R" throws="R" age="26" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="203 lbs" id="37591" />
		<player number="" name="Logan Sendelbach" position="SP" bats="R" throws="R" age="24" height="6' 3&quot;" weight="185 lbs" id="39940" />
		<player number="" name="Aaron Slegers" position="SP" bats="R" throws="R" age="26" height="6' 10&quot;" weight="245 lbs" id="36179" />
		<player number="" name="Jameson Taillon" position="SP" bats="R" throws="R" age="27" height="6' 5&quot;" weight="230 lbs" id="31258" />
		<player number="" name="Felipe Vazquez" position="RP" bats="L" throws="L" age="27" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="210 lbs" id="32562" />
		<player number="" name="Eduardo Vera" position="SP" bats="-" throws="-" age="24" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="185 lbs" id="41456" />
		<player number="" name="Brandon Waddell" position="SP" bats="L" throws="L" age="24" height="6' 3&quot;" weight="180 lbs" id="41351" />
		<player number="" name="Blake Weiman" position="RP" bats="R" throws="L" age="23" height="6' 4&quot;" weight="208 lbs" id="41457" />
		<player number="" name="Trevor Williams" position="SP" bats="R" throws="R" age="26" height="6' 3&quot;" weight="230 lbs" id="33305" />
	<position name="Catchers">
		<player number="" name="Steven Baron" position="C" bats="R" throws="R" age="28" height="6' 0&quot;" weight="205 lbs" id="30570" />
		<player number="" name="John Bormann" position="C" bats="R" throws="R" age="25" height="6' 0&quot;" weight="200 lbs" id="35890" />
		<player number="" name="Francisco Cervelli" position="C" bats="R" throws="R" age="32" height="6' 1&quot;" weight="210 lbs" id="29273" />
		<player number="" name="Jason Delay" position="C" bats="R" throws="R" age="23" height="6' 1&quot;" weight="210 lbs" id="41458" />
		<player number="" name="Elias Diaz" position="C" bats="R" throws="R" age="28" height="6' 1&quot;" weight="215 lbs" id="33594" />
		<player number="" name="Christian Kelley" position="C" bats="R" throws="R" age="25" height="5' 11&quot;" weight="185 lbs" id="36198" />
		<player number="" name="Arden Pabst" position="C" bats="R" throws="R" age="23" height="6' 1&quot;" weight="202 lbs" id="40434" />
		<player number="" name="Deon Stafford" position="C" bats="R" throws="R" age="22" height="6' 0&quot;" weight="202 lbs" id="40682" />
		<player number="" name="Jacob Stallings" position="C" bats="R" throws="R" age="29" height="6' 5&quot;" weight="225 lbs" id="34089" />
	<position name="Infielders">
		<player number="" name="Josh Bell" position="1B" bats="B" throws="R" age="26" height="6' 4&quot;" weight="235 lbs" id="32517" />
		<player number="" name="Dylan Busby" position="3B" bats="R" throws="R" age="23" height="6' 3&quot;" weight="190 lbs" id="40524" />
		<player number="" name="Will Craig" position="1B" bats="R" throws="R" age="24" height="6' 3&quot;" weight="235 lbs" id="40525" />
		<player number="" name="Oneil Cruz" position="SS" bats="L" throws="R" age="20" height="6' 6&quot;" weight="175 lbs" id="39712" />
		<player number="" name="Nick Franklin" position="2B" bats="B" throws="R" age="28" height="6' 1&quot;" weight="190 lbs" id="30661" />
		<player number="" name="Adam Frazier" position="2B" bats="L" throws="R" age="27" height="5' 10&quot;" weight="180 lbs" id="33546" />
		<player number="" name="Erik Gonzalez" position="2B" bats="R" throws="R" age="27" height="6' 3&quot;" weight="195 lbs" id="33018" />
		<player number="" name="Ke'Bryan Hayes" position="3B" bats="R" throws="R" age="22" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="210 lbs" id="35020" />
		<player number="" name="Jung Ho Kang" position="SS" bats="R" throws="R" age="31" height="6' 0&quot;" weight="205 lbs" id="33689" />
		<player number="" name="Zackary Nicholas Kone" position="SS" bats="-" throws="-" age="-" height="6' 3&quot;" weight="202 lbs" id="41637" />
		<player number="" name="Kevin Kramer" position="SS" bats="L" throws="R" age="25" height="6' 0&quot;" weight="194 lbs" id="39887" />
		<player number="" name="Mason Martin" position="1B" bats="L" throws="R" age="19" height="6' 0&quot;" weight="201 lbs" id="41381" />
		<player number="" name="Colin Moran" position="3B" bats="L" throws="R" age="26" height="6' 4&quot;" weight="205 lbs" id="33200" />
		<player number="" name="Kevin Newman" position="SS" bats="R" throws="R" age="25" height="6' 1&quot;" weight="180 lbs" id="35022" />
		<player number="" name="Jose Osuna" position="3B" bats="R" throws="R" age="26" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="213 lbs" id="33918" />
		<player number="" name="Alfredo Reyes" position="SS" bats="R" throws="R" age="25" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="160 lbs" id="35753" />
		<player number="" name="Erich Weiss" position="SS" bats="L" throws="R" age="27" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="200 lbs" id="34062" />
	<position name="Outfielders">
		<player number="" name="Melky Cabrera" position="CF" bats="B" throws="L" age="34" height="5' 10&quot;" weight="210 lbs" id="6347" />
		<player number="" name="Corey Dickerson" position="LF" bats="L" throws="R" age="29" height="6' 1&quot;" weight="200 lbs" id="31684" />
		<player number="" name="Randolph Gassaway" position="LF" bats="R" throws="R" age="23" height="6' 4&quot;" weight="210 lbs" id="39071" />
		<player number="" name="Logan Walker Hill" position="LF" bats="R" throws="R" age="25" height="6' 3&quot;" weight="230 lbs" id="37908" />
		<player number="" name="Bralin Jackson" position="RF" bats="R" throws="R" age="25" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="183 lbs" id="33515" />
		<player number="" name="Patrick Kivlehan" position="RF" bats="R" throws="R" age="29" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="215 lbs" id="33389" />
		<player number="" name="Bligh Madris" position="RF" bats="L" throws="R" age="23" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="200 lbs" id="40684" />
		<player number="" name="Starling Marte" position="CF" bats="R" throws="R" age="30" height="6' 1&quot;" weight="190 lbs" id="30830" />
		<player number="" name="Jason Martin" position="CF" bats="L" throws="R" age="23" height="5' 10&quot;" weight="175 lbs" id="33920" />
		<player number="" name="Calvin Mitchell" position="RF" bats="L" throws="L" age="19" height="6' 0&quot;" weight="209 lbs" id="41068" />
		<player number="" name="Jared Oliva" position="CF" bats="-" throws="-" age="-" height="-" weight="-" id="40532" />
		<player number="" name="Gregory Polanco" position="RF" bats="L" throws="L" age="27" height="6' 5&quot;" weight="235 lbs" id="32950" />
		<player number="" name="Pablo Reyes" position="LF" bats="R" throws="R" age="25" height="5' 10&quot;" weight="150 lbs" id="35439" />
		<player number="" name="Bryan Reynolds" position="LF" bats="B" throws="R" age="24" height="6' 4&quot;" weight="215 lbs" id="38980" />
		<player number="" name="Lolo Sanchez" position="CF" bats="R" throws="R" age="19" height="6' 0&quot;" weight="150 lbs" id="40686" />
		<player number="" name="JB Shuck" position="LF" bats="L" throws="L" age="31" height="5' 11&quot;" weight="195 lbs" id="30741" />
		<player number="" name="Jerrick Suiter" position="RF" bats="R" throws="R" age="26" height="6' 4&quot;" weight="235 lbs" id="35803" />
		<player number="" name="Travis Swaggerty" position="CF" bats="L" throws="L" age="21" height="5' 11&quot;" weight="180 lbs" id="41175" />

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