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Goalserve NBA data feed API provide full coverage for most popular NBA and College NCAA American basketball leagues. Data is available in XML and JSON formats.

With our NBA basketball API we provide full season schedule, detailed boxscores, live player stats and play by play data, historical statistics for every game since 2010, team rosters and injuries reports, depth charts, pregame odds, player props. NBA odds are available from all major US bookmakers like FanDuel, BetMGM, Prizepicks and more.

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<match date="17.12.2018" timezone="EST" status="Final" time="7:00 PM" timer="" formatted_date="17.12.2018" id="140302">
			<hometeam name="Detroit Pistons" posession="False" q1="27" q2="16" q3="34" q4="27" ot="" totalscore="104" id="1203" />
			<awayteam name="Milwaukee Bucks" posession="False" q1="25" q2="30" q3="26" q4="26" ot="" totalscore="107" id="1184" />
					<field_goals_made total="39" attempts="88" pct="44.3" />
					<threepoint_goals_made total="14" attempts="35" pct="40.0" />
					<freethrows_goals_made total="12" attempts="15" pct="80.0" />
					<rebounds total="45" offence="10" defense="35"/>
					<assists total="25" />
					<steals total="3" />
					<blocks total="2" />
					<turnovers total="16" />
					<personal_fouls total="20" />
					<field_goals_made total="44" attempts="88" pct="50.0" />
					<threepoint_goals_made total="9" attempts="25" pct="36.0" />
					<freethrows_goals_made total="10" attempts="15" pct="66.7" />
					<rebounds total="37" offence="5" defense="32"/>
					<assists total="33" />
					<steals total="8" />
					<blocks total="10" />
					<turnovers total="11" />
					<personal_fouls total="19" />
					<player name="B. Griffin" pos="PF" minutes="35" field_goals_made="4" field_goals_attempts="13" threepoint_goals_made="2" threepoint_goals_attempts="7" freethrows_goals_made="9" freethrows_goals_attempts="12" offence_rebounds="0" defense_rebounds="10" total_rebounds="10" assists="11" steals="1" blocks="0" turnovers="10" personal_fouls="3" plus_minus="-2" points="19" id="3989" />
					<player name="A. Drummond" pos="C" minutes="34" field_goals_made="4" field_goals_attempts="12" threepoint_goals_made="0" threepoint_goals_attempts="0" freethrows_goals_made="2" freethrows_goals_attempts="2" offence_rebounds="4" defense_rebounds="10" total_rebounds="14" assists="1" steals="1" blocks="0" turnovers="0" personal_fouls="2" plus_minus="-3" points="10" id="6585" />
					<player name="R. Jackson" pos="PG" minutes="24" field_goals_made="5" field_goals_attempts="11" threepoint_goals_made="1" threepoint_goals_attempts="3" freethrows_goals_made="0" freethrows_goals_attempts="0" offence_rebounds="1" defense_rebounds="1" total_rebounds="2" assists="4" steals="0" blocks="0" turnovers="0" personal_fouls="0" plus_minus="-11" points="11" id="6443" />
					<player name="R. Bullock" pos="SG" minutes="34" field_goals_made="9" field_goals_attempts="14" threepoint_goals_made="5" threepoint_goals_attempts="7" freethrows_goals_made="1" freethrows_goals_attempts="1" offence_rebounds="1" defense_rebounds="2" total_rebounds="3" assists="1" steals="0" blocks="0" turnovers="1" personal_fouls="4" plus_minus="-8" points="24" id="2528779" />
					<player name="L. Kennard" pos="SG" minutes="23" field_goals_made="1" field_goals_attempts="7" threepoint_goals_made="1" threepoint_goals_attempts="4" freethrows_goals_made="0" freethrows_goals_attempts="0" offence_rebounds="1" defense_rebounds="1" total_rebounds="2" assists="0" steals="0" blocks="0" turnovers="0" personal_fouls="0" plus_minus="-7" points="3" id="3913174" />
					<player name="J. Leuer" pos="PF" minutes="14" field_goals_made="4" field_goals_attempts="5" threepoint_goals_made="0" threepoint_goals_attempts="1" freethrows_goals_made="0" freethrows_goals_attempts="0" offence_rebounds="0" defense_rebounds="2" total_rebounds="2" assists="0" steals="0" blocks="1" turnovers="1" personal_fouls="1" plus_minus="+0" points="8" id="6452" />
					<player name="S. Johnson" pos="SF" minutes="25" field_goals_made="8" field_goals_attempts="14" threepoint_goals_made="4" threepoint_goals_attempts="7" freethrows_goals_made="0" freethrows_goals_attempts="0" offence_rebounds="0" defense_rebounds="6" total_rebounds="6" assists="2" steals="0" blocks="1" turnovers="1" personal_fouls="4" plus_minus="+4" points="20" id="3134881" />
					<player name="J. Calderon" pos="PG" minutes="24" field_goals_made="2" field_goals_attempts="4" threepoint_goals_made="0" threepoint_goals_attempts="1" freethrows_goals_made="0" freethrows_goals_attempts="0" offence_rebounds="3" defense_rebounds="0" total_rebounds="3" assists="5" steals="0" blocks="0" turnovers="2" personal_fouls="3" plus_minus="+8" points="4" id="2806" />
					<player name="B. Brown" pos="SG" minutes="4" field_goals_made="0" field_goals_attempts="1" threepoint_goals_made="0" threepoint_goals_attempts="1" freethrows_goals_made="0" freethrows_goals_attempts="0" offence_rebounds="0" defense_rebounds="1" total_rebounds="1" assists="1" steals="0" blocks="0" turnovers="0" personal_fouls="1" plus_minus="-3" points="0" id="4065670" />
					<player name="L. Galloway" pos="SG" minutes="23" field_goals_made="2" field_goals_attempts="7" threepoint_goals_made="1" threepoint_goals_attempts="4" freethrows_goals_made="0" freethrows_goals_attempts="0" offence_rebounds="0" defense_rebounds="2" total_rebounds="2" assists="0" steals="1" blocks="0" turnovers="1" personal_fouls="2" plus_minus="+7" points="5" id="2530572" />

Basketball In-play Odds

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  • Realtime odds update
"145387879": {

      "core": {

        "safe": "",

        "removed": "",

        "stopped": "1",

        "blocked": "0",

        "finished": "0",

        "nc": "0",

        "updated": "19.10.2023 15:00:06",

        "updated_ts": "1697727606349"


      "info": {

        "id": "145387879",

        "mid": "7050524",

        "bet365id": "144966294",

        "name": "Konyaspor vs Fenerbahce Koleji",

        "sport": "Basketball",

        "league": "Turkey TBL",

        "start_time": null,

        "start_date": null,

        "start_ts": "",

        "start_ts_utc": "",

        "period": "3rd Quarter",

        "score": "43:39",

        "ball_pos": null,

        "state_info": null,

        "state": "01083",

        "minute": "10",

        "seconds": "10:00"


      "team_info": {

        "home": {

          "name": "Konyaspor",

          "score": "43",

          "color": "",

          "kit_color": "#F0F0F0,#FFDF1B,#FFDF1B,#00C1BA,#C40010,#0046A8,#3D4A4E",

          "Serve": ""


        "away": {

          "name": "Fenerbahce Koleji",

          "score": "39",

          "color": "",

          "kit_color": "#0000A0,#FFDF1B,#FFDF1B,#FFDF1B,#C40010,#0046A8,#3D4A4E",

          "Serve": ""



      "bonus": {},

      "stream": "",

      "stats": {

        "0": {

          "name": "ITeam",

          "home": "Konyaspor",

          "away": "Fenerbahce Koleji"


        "1": {

          "name": "1",

          "home": "19",

          "away": "25"


        "2": {

          "name": "2",

          "home": "24",

          "away": "14"


        "3": {

          "name": "Half",

          "home": "43",

          "away": "39"


        "4": {

          "name": "3",

          "home": "0",

          "away": "0"


        "5": {

          "name": "4",

          "home": "0",

          "away": "0"


        "6": {

          "name": "OT",

          "home": null,

          "away": null


        "7": {

          "name": "T",

          "home": "43",

          "away": "39"



      "extra": {

        "0": {

          "code": "",

          "minute": "0",

          "value": "Score After 1st Quarter - 19 - 25"


        "1": {

          "code": "",

          "minute": "0",

          "value": "Score After 2nd Quarter - 43-39"



      "history": {},

      "odds": {

        "769": {

          "id": 769,

          "name": "Home Team Total (2nd Half)",

          "short_name": "Home Team Total (2nd Half)",

          "suspend": "0",

          "order": "",

          "participants": {

            "1453878797690": {

              "id": "1453878797690",

              "name": "Over",

              "short_name": "Over",

              "value_eu": "1.909",

              "suspend": "0",

              "handicap": "45.5"


            "1453878797691": {

              "id": "1453878797691",

              "name": "Under",

              "short_name": "Under",

              "value_eu": "1.769",

              "suspend": "0",

              "handicap": "45.5"




Basketball Live Score

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Basketball live score API provide real time and low latency live score updates in XML and JSON formats.

This package include live match minute, fast score updates, live player stats for most popular leagues worldwide including Euroleague, Greece Basketball League, Spain ACB and more. Data updated every 3-5 seconds.

With our basketball live score api you can add fast and reliable live scores section to your website/application. Don't miss any score or live action with our live scores data feed.

Package also include full season fixtures, league standings, historical results since 2010, head 2 head team comparison. More than 500 leagues are included worldwide.

Please contact us for more info. Free 14 days trial available.

<category name="Europe: Euroleague Women" id="1527" file_group="europe">
    <match date="13.02.2019" time="14:00" timer="" status="Finished" id="623345">
      <localteam name="Ekaterinburg W" q1="23" q2="13" q3="24" q4="17" ot="" totalscore="77" id="7011" />
      <awayteam name="Schio W" q1="13" q2="14" q3="7" q4="12" ot="" totalscore="46" id="7063" />
    <match date="13.02.2019" time="14:00" timer="" status="Finished" id="623349">
      <localteam name="Nadezhda W" q1="18" q2="15" q3="16" q4="6" ot="" totalscore="55" id="7008" />
      <awayteam name="Polkowice W" q1="12" q2="15" q3="20" q4="12" ot="" totalscore="59" id="7049" />
    <match date="13.02.2019" time="15:00" timer="" status="Finished" id="623592">
      <localteam name="Olympiacos W" q1="28" q2="18" q3="21" q4="12" ot="" totalscore="79" id="13957" />
      <awayteam name="Flammes Carolo W" q1="12" q2="9" q3="20" q4="13" ot="" totalscore="54" id="11637" />
    <match date="13.02.2019" time="16:00" timer="" status="Finished" id="623590">
      <localteam name="Dynamo Kursk W" q1="19" q2="18" q3="15" q4="17" ot="" totalscore="69" id="7029" />
      <awayteam name="Perfumerias Avenida W" q1="12" q2="9" q3="16" q4="14" ot="" totalscore="51" id="12578" />
    <match date="13.02.2019" time="16:30" timer="10" status="4th Quarter" id="624267">
      <localteam name="Fenerbahce W" q1="17" q2="8" q3="20" q4="16" ot="" totalscore="61" id="7104" />
      <awayteam name="TTT Riga W" q1="21" q2="15" q3="14" q4="12" ot="" totalscore="62" id="7948" />
    <match date="13.02.2019" time="18:00" timer="" status="Not Started" id="624339">
      <localteam name="USK Prague W" q1="" q2="" q3="" q4="" ot="" totalscore="" id="6890" />
      <awayteam name="ESB Lille W" q1="" q2="" q3="" q4="" ot="" totalscore="" id="7113" />
    <match date="13.02.2019" time="19:00" timer="" status="Not Started" id="624341">
      <localteam name="Bourges W" q1="" q2="" q3="" q4="" ot="" totalscore="" id="7041" />
      <awayteam name="Braine W" q1="" q2="" q3="" q4="" ot="" totalscore="" id="13536" />

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