<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<team name="Pittsburgh Penguins" id="1131">
  <position name="Centers">
    <player number="46" name="Zach AstonReese" age="24" height="6' 0&quot;" weight="204 lbs" shot="L" birth_place="Staten Island, NY" salarycap="" id="3988830" />
    <player number="27" name="Nick Bjugstad" age="26" height="6' 6&quot;" weight="218 lbs" shot="R" birth_place="Minneapolis, MN" salarycap="$1,410,752" id="5828" />
    <player number="53" name="Teddy Blueger" age="24" height="6' 0&quot;" weight="195 lbs" shot="L" birth_place="Riga, Latvia" salarycap="" id="3024916" />
    <player number="87" name="Sidney Crosby" age="31" height="5' 11&quot;" weight="200 lbs" shot="L" birth_place="Cole Harbour, NS" salarycap="$8,700,000" id="3114" />
    <player number="7" name="Matt Cullen" age="42" height="6' 1&quot;" weight="200 lbs" shot="L" birth_place="Virginia, MN" salarycap="$650,000" id="182" />
    <player number="59" name="Jake Guentzel" age="24" height="5' 10&quot;" weight="167 lbs" shot="L" birth_place="Omaha, NE" salarycap="$734,166" id="3042083" />
    <player number="71" name="Evgeni Malkin" age="32" height="6' 3&quot;" weight="195 lbs" shot="L" birth_place="Magnitogorsk, USSR" salarycap="$9,500,000" id="3124" />
    <player number="19" name="Jared McCann" age="22" height="6' 1&quot;" weight="198 lbs" shot="L" birth_place="Stratford, ON" salarycap="$430,080" id="3114777" />
    <player number="12" name="Dominik Simon" age="24" height="5' 11&quot;" weight="176 lbs" shot="L" birth_place="Prague, Czech Republic" salarycap="$750,000" id="3913226" />
  <position name="Left Wings">
    <player number="10" name="Garrett Wilson" age="27" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="199 lbs" shot="L" birth_place="Barrie, ON" salarycap="$426,390" id="5337" />
  <position name="Right Wings">
    <player number="72" name="Patric Hornqvist" age="32" height="5' 11&quot;" weight="189 lbs" shot="R" birth_place="Sollentuna, Sweden" salarycap="$5,300,000" id="3699" />
    <player number="81" name="Phil Kessel" age="31" height="6' 0&quot;" weight="202 lbs" shot="R" birth_place="Madison, WI" salarycap="" id="3479" />
    <player number="17" name="Bryan Rust" age="26" height="5' 11&quot;" weight="192 lbs" shot="R" birth_place="Pontiac, MI" salarycap="$3,500,000" id="2591155" />
  <position name="Defense">
    <player number="8" name="Brian Dumoulin" age="27" height="6' 4&quot;" weight="207 lbs" shot="L" birth_place="Biddeford, ME" salarycap="$4,100,000" id="5738" />
    <player number="44" name="Erik Gudbranson" age="27" height="6' 5&quot;" weight="216 lbs" shot="R" birth_place="Ottawa, ON" salarycap="$881,705" id="5503" />
    <player number="73" name="Jack Johnson" age="32" height="6' 1&quot;" weight="230 lbs" shot="L" birth_place="Indianapolis, IN" salarycap="$3,250,000" id="3583" />
    <player number="58" name="Kris Letang" age="31" height="6' 0&quot;" weight="201 lbs" shot="R" birth_place="Montreal, PQ" salarycap="$7,250,000" id="3539" />
    <player number="3" name="Olli Maatta" age="24" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="206 lbs" shot="L" birth_place="Jyvaskyla, Finland" salarycap="$4,083,333" id="2976850" />
    <player number="28" name="Marcus Pettersson" age="22" height="6' 4&quot;" weight="180 lbs" shot="L" birth_place="Skelleftea, Sweden" salarycap="$533,750" id="3114995" />
    <player number="50" name="Juuso Riikola" age="25" height="6' 0&quot;" weight="190 lbs" shot="L" birth_place="Joensuu, Finland" salarycap="$925,000" id="4392306" />
    <player number="2" name="Chad Ruhwedel" age="28" height="5' 11&quot;" weight="191 lbs" shot="R" birth_place="San Diego, CA" salarycap="$650,000" id="3024837" />
    <player number="4" name="Justin Schultz" age="28" height="6' 2&quot;" weight="193 lbs" shot="R" birth_place="Kelowna, BC" salarycap="$5,500,000" id="2501067" />
    <player number="5" name="Zach Trotman" age="28" height="6' 3&quot;" weight="217 lbs" shot="R" birth_place="Novi, MI" salarycap="$139,800" id="2591151" />
  <position name="Goalies">
    <player number="1" name="Casey DeSmith" age="27" height="6' 0&quot;" weight="181 lbs" shot="L" birth_place="Rochester, NH" salarycap="$675,000" id="3025540" />
    <player number="30" name="Matt Murray" age="24" height="6' 4&quot;" weight="178 lbs" shot="L" birth_place="Thunder Bay, ON" salarycap="" id="3067862" />

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