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Real Mamore
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Municipal Real Mamore
Team Name: Municipal Real Mamore
Country: Bolivia
Founded: 2006
Municipal Real Mamore Squad
PlayerName Position Nationality Age
Pablo Javier Lanz Goalkeeper Argentina 40
Adhemar Arias Defender Bolivia 39
Aldo De Jesus Sanabria Defender Paraguay 119
Antonio Palacios Defender Bolivia 119
Ariel Gualeve Defender Bolivia 37
Boris Enrique Montano Defender Bolivia 37
Darwin Coimbra Defender Bolivia 119
Ernesto Flores Defender Bolivia 119
Ernesto Suarez Defender Bolivia 33
John Edwin Pena Defender Colombia 41
Jorge Flavio Zapata Defender Bolivia 38
Juan Doyle Vaca Defender Bolivia 40
Luis Alberto Reyes Defender Bolivia 43
Luis De Jesus Costa Romario Defender Brazil 119
Luis Ricardo Da Silva Defender Brazil 119
Neil Gilberto Vaca Defender Bolivia 38
Nino Suarez Defender Bolivia 36
Ovidio Guatia Alcazar Defender Bolivia 38
Yonni Nay Defender Bolivia 44
Alvaro Franz Calustro Midfielder Bolivia 45
Carlos Alberto Molina Midfielder Bolivia 38
Carlos Eduardo Sabja Midfielder Bolivia 29
Julio Cesar Cortez Midfielder Bolivia 38
Mario Alfaro Uriona Midfielder Bolivia 36
Miguel Angel Camacho Midfielder Bolivia 34
Rigoberto Calzadilla Midfielder Bolivia 39
Roberto Torrez Midfielder Bolivia 39
Rolando Campos Midfielder Bolivia 41
Ivan Gamilton Adan Zerda Attacker Argentina 30
Jose Mauricio Pinilla Attacker Colombia 42
Juan Antonio Maraude Attacker Argentina 38
Martin Adrian Palavicini Attacker Argentina 42
Oscar Mario Arauz Sotelo Attacker Bolivia 39
Profirio Diez Attacker Bolivia 36
Raimundo Barboza Attacker Bolivia 31
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