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San Martin Tucuman
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CA San Martin de Tucuman
Team Name: CA San Martin de Tucuman
Country: Argentina
Founded: 1909
CA San Martin de Tucuman Squad
PlayerName Position Nationality Age
David Orellana Goalkeeper Argentina 30
Esteban Salvatore Goalkeeper Argentina 35
Julio Cesar Lopez Goalkeeper Paraguay 31
Leonel Cuerdo Goalkeeper Argentina 31
Marcos Juan Gutierrez Goalkeeper Argentina 47
Diego Alberto Trotta Defender Italy 39
Facundo Oreja Defender Argentina 35
German Noce Defender Argentina 40
Jorge Luis Anchen Defender Uruguay 37
Jorge Serrano Defender Argentina 34
Marcelo Fabian Berza Defender Argentina 42
Mario Vera Defender Argentina 35
Martin Eduardo Garcia Defender Argentina 32
Pablo de Muner Defender Argentina 36
Raul Gorostegui Defender Argentina 33
Raul Saavedra Defender Argentina 39
Cesar La Paglia Midfielder Argentina 38
Cristian Gabriel Bustos Midfielder Argentina 35
Daniel Horacio Pereira Midfielder Argentina 41
David Richard Robles Midfielder Argentina 33
Fabio Ariel Pieters Midfielder Argentina 39
Gerardo Solana Midfielder Argentina 43
Hernan de Camilo Midfielder Argentina 29
Juan Ernesto Casado Midfielder Argentina 37
Leandro De Muner Midfielder Argentina 34
Lucas Oviedo Midfielder Argentina 32
Matias Jesus Cordoba Midfielder Argentina 33
Pablo Cantero Midfielder Argentina 40
Sergio Sagarzazu Midfielder 30
Waldo Daniel Brandan Midfielder Argentina 32
Antonio Ibanez Attacker Argentina 32
Daniel Alejandro Vega Attacker Argentina 36
Enzo Daniel Noir Attacker Spain 35
Gustavo Ibanez Attacker Argentina 38
Miguel Fernandez Attacker Argentina 29
Nicolas Victor Herrera Attacker Argentina 34
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