Where to Find Sports Scores API? Seek The Best Ones Here!

When it comes to software development, especially for mobile, the developers would often meet the task of building the web or an app from scratch. This process, however, may take time as they need to code everything by themselves.

So to make the whole process easier, the developers could always use the sports API. Whether it’s the sports results API or any other type of API, this collection of data is certainly useful. The Application Programming Interface will diminish the first part of the website of app development. Thus, the developers can effectively cut the time necessary to make them.

Now for those of you who want to get the sports scores API, we have a list of recommended places where you can get them. See more in the explanation below.

Learning The Definition

As you probably know, the sports scores API is a kind of API that’s specifically useful to identify the scores in any sport. So whether you’re a fan of soccer, basketball, or basically any sport, the sports scores API is the essential thing to give you the correct data.

However, there are many other things you can find in the collective data, including the API sports performance, team positions, and many others. If you find any data related to sports, you’ll need this specific API, no others.

The sports data API may give some benefits not only for developers but also for other people who use it.

Benefits of Using Sports APIs

Let us start from the basic one. The people who would want to use the sports database API are sports fans. And it’s pretty clear why they want to get their hands on them.

The very first reason is for speculation purposes. People do love to speculate about things, especially when it comes to sports. Discussing sports is always intriguing, especially if you’re in a club where everyone basically loves the very same thing.

As the sports scores API may contain the data they want, they don’t need to look for any other sources to get the information. Instead of finding a bunch of data on the internet using a website or an app structured using the API will make the job way easier.

The second benefit of using the sports scores API is for sports app and website development. Instead of coding anything from scratch, the developers could instead use the available sports APIs as foundations. From there, they may develop their website or app further according to their plans.

There’s also the third benefit, which is for the sports teams. By looking at the sports scores API, they can always be updated about the information around teams, scores, and match results. Therefore, they may always present the latest updates which can effectively drive traffic to their social media accounts.

The teams may also check the APIs to see similar information but for the other teams. That way, they may adjust the formation and strategy accordingly before the match happens.

The Best Places to Find Sports Scores APIs

If you type the keywords on search engines, you may notice that some results would appear. Yes, there are so many places where you can get the sports scores APIs. Some platforms do offer API sports performance, while others require users to pay first for a membership.

Either way, as long as you look into it, eventually you’ll land on a platform that will get you the suitable sports scores APIs. But to make it simpler and easier for you, we’ve already prepared a list of some platforms from which you can find the accurate sports data API.

1. Goalserve

The first and also one of the most recommended places to find sports scores APIs is a website called Goalserve. Within the platform, you may easily find data about sports. And it’s not only limited to soccer but the other sports too.

The data here is served in XML and JSON formats, so you may feel free to pick which one that suits your needs the most. The APIs here may contain the data you need, including the in-play odds, fantasy data, and historical data for specific sports teams, which can be incredibly useful in creating speculations. Having the data at your disposal, you may do a little forecast to find which team will likely win.

After creating an account, you can directly be connected to multiple popular leagues, including MLB, Champions League, PGA, EPL, and many others.

2. SportsDataIO

Another platform we’d like to recommend is this one. Here is the place where you can access millions of data contained within the sports database APIs. However, there’s something that most people would consider special from SportsDataIO.

This platform has the BAKER Predictive Engine, which can be useful in making predictions. People would use this tool to make predictions for future games. That way, they could minimize the risks of losing.

However, the platform does require a fee for those interested. With a bit of payment, you will basically get everything, including the prediction tool we’ve just mentioned above.

3. All Sports API

For those who want to look for sports APIs that are specific for basketball, football, cricket, and tennis, this is the solid option for you. The comprehensive data that covers all these sports can be useful in making speculations and predictions for future matches.

All Sports API also has a great integration that can be used by developers. Instead of being stuck in a complex process, the developers may instead use the plugin to be applied on their WordPress sites.

4. Sportradar

Another easy-to-use platform we’d like to recommend is Sportradar. It covers around 80 different sports and a total of 750,000+ events annually. With this huge number, you can always get your hands on the comprehensive sports data that will be served in XML and JSON formats.

Aside from live scores, the platform also has collections of historical data, which can be useful for various purposes.

5. Data Sports Group

Last but not least, there’s Data Sports Group. Similar to the platform we’ve mentioned above, this one also serves the data in JSON and XML. Here you can see the live sports scores for most types of sports.

The platform also supports multiple programming languages to accommodate a wide range of developers.


For those who want to simplify their sports website or app development, the sports scores APIs can be a blessing. With the list above, feel free to find which one of them that may suit your needs the best. Good luck!

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