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Differdange 03
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FC Differdange 03
Team Name: FC Differdange 03
Country: Luxembourg
Founded: 2003
FC Differdange 03 Squad
PlayerName Position Nationality Age
Anthony Poos Goalkeeper Luxembourg 42
Daniel Strock Goalkeeper Luxembourg 29
Miguel Da Costa Goalkeeper Portugal 30
Yannick Schlentz Goalkeeper Luxembourg 34
Andre Almeida Rodrigues Defender Portugal 31
Ante Bukvic Defender Croatia 31
Barbosa Barbosa Defender Luxembourg 118
Dario Maric Defender Luxembourg 37
Edin Besacic Defender Luxembourg 29
Karim Groune Defender France 39
Kim Kintziger Defender Luxembourg 31
Manou Schauls Defender Luxembourg 46
Nelson Domingues Defender Portugal 37
Tom Siebenaler Defender Luxembourg 28
Andy May Midfielder Luxembourg 29
Dario Soraire Midfielder Luxembourg 40
David Chalmandrier Midfielder France 31
Gilles Bettmer Midfielder Luxembourg 29
Ibrahim Diop Midfielder France 35
Jorge Hernani Midfielder Portugal 39
Mathias Janisch Midfielder Luxembourg 28
Max Krippler Midfielder Luxembourg 32
Michel Kettenmeyer Midfielder Luxembourg 29
Paolo Amodio Midfielder Luxembourg 45
Pedro Alves Ribeiro Midfielder Luxembourg 29
Phillipe Lebresne Midfielder Luxembourg 40
Phillipe Simoes Ribeiro Midfielder Luxembourg 31
Alain Mendes Attacker Luxembourg 42
Aurelien Joachim Attacker Luxembourg 32
Jorge Sandro Attacker Luxembourg 29
Jose Pires Attacker Luxembourg 32
Laurent Careme Attacker France 48
Marcel Christophe Attacker Portugal 44
Mirko Albanese Attacker Luxembourg 29
Nicky Ciemniak Attacker Luxembourg 36
Philippe Di Filippo Attacker France 36
Pierre Piskor Attacker France 34
Ricardo Coimbra Attacker Luxembourg 33
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