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India in West Indies - 2nd Test
West Indies 196/10 388/6
India 500/9
Match drawn.
West Indies 1 INN India 1 INN West Indies 2 INN
2.4 Sharma to Brathwaite 4/1
Sharma to Brathwaite,OUT,easy as. This is a telegraphed move, but Brathwaite hasn't read the shorthand correctly. Two short legs in. Ishant is looking to get this into the ribs or get it to swing in sharply. Brathwaite must avoid fending or tucking. He doesn't. Ishant has got a short ball to rise into the rib/chest area, and Brathwaite fends at it to give Pujara a simple catch at forward short leg
2.5 Sharma to Bravo 4/2
Sharma to Bravo,OUT,oh Bravo's horror run continues. To be fair to him, this is the best of the three balls he has got out to in the series. Ishant meanwhile is on a hat-trick. Ishant goes round the wicket (they have a plan here), bowls it full, about sixth-stump line, Bravo feels he has to play at it because of the angle, although he could have left it alone. So as Bravo pushes at it feebly, the ball holds its line to take the edge for a catch to Kohli at second slip
5.1 Mohammed Shami to Chandrika 7/3
Mohammed Shami to Chandrika,OUT,sharp catch by Rahul at fine gully. Short of a length, sixth-stump line, and seaming away. There is no need to play at this but Chandrika pushes at it with hard hands, and gets a thick edge, which flies. There are two gullies, and Rahul is the finer of them, and takes this in front of his head. Good sharp reaction from the India opener who could be batting today itself. To make it worse for Chandrika, Shami mimics Chandrika's pre-ball preparations with his arm
25.3 Ashwin to Blackwood 88/4
Ashwin to Blackwood,OUT,Ashwin has struck in the last over before lunch but I think this is turning too much to be out lbw. I am afraid this is not the smartest decision. This offbreak has hit him in front, but is turning appreciably. You rarely see them given out lbw. Back to what happened, though. Nicely tossed up, dips on him, is not in his driving range so Blackwood defends. This turns sharply from just outside off, seems to have beaten the inside edge. Given by Aleem Dar. Hawkeye says this is kissing the outside of the top of the leg stump. Oh well
29.3 Ashwin to Samuels 115/5
Ashwin to Samuels,OUT,beautiful bowling. Samuels falls after a promising start to the innings. Wonderful bowling, though. He tosses this up higher after being hit for the six. And this one dips on him, and Samuels's front foot is stuck after his initial movement. The dip, though, requires him to be further down the pitch to play a forceful shot. Now that there is distance between bat and ball, there is enough time for it to turn, take the inside edge and lob up for a simple catch to short leg
35.1 Ashwin to Dowrich 127/6
Ashwin to Dowrich,OUT,strange dismissal. Not sure of his off stump there. Dowrich sees this offbreak is short and outside off so makes up his mind to leave it alone. Then he sees the ball turn, and feels compelled to protect his stump. the belated and uncommitted attempt to play at it results in results in his toe-ending it through to Saha. Oh the replays show his attempt to play at this is uncommitted because his bat is stuck momentarily in the flap of the pad on its downswing
36.4 Mohammed Shami to Chase 131/7
Mohammed Shami to Chase,OUT,and Shami has drawn a classic Test-match dismissal although the batting hasn't been the smartest. It began with him bowling short of a length and a set of stumps outside off last over. With every ball Shami has brought the line and length closer to off in order to make him play and play off the front foot. However you can't get too close to the batsman so the margin is little. And now he has found the right length and right line. On a good length, about fifth-stump line. Chase drives on the up, and edges it through. And what happens after it will please India a lot. A lovely low slip catch from Dhawan. Slip catching has been India's bugbear since Dravid and Tendulkar and Laxman retired
43.3 Ashwin to Bishoo 151/8
Ashwin to Bishoo,OUT,and Ashwin has another. Bishoo loses patience. The backward short leg has just moved to short fine leg. This is tossed up teasingly outside off, Bishoo finally goes for the sweep, and Ashwin's bounce takes the top edge for a simple semi-skier for Dhawan at short fine leg
45.5 Ashwin to Holder 158/9
Ashwin to Holder,OUT,Five-for No. 18 in 34 Tests. Holder looks to leave his crease to come to the pitch of the ball, but he has made a highly tentative half movement forward. Ashwin needs to second invitations to turn the ball back in, take the inside edge onto the pad and take another bat-pad wicket
52.3 Mishra to Gabriel 196/10
Mishra to Gabriel,OUT,all over now. It had to happen sooner rather than later. Gabriel swings across the line again, is not to the pitch of the ball, and the massive edge results in a skier for Kohli at short cover
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